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CBD E-Liquid

Our CBD E-Liquid is available in either Full Spectrum or Isolate versions

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD Oil combines all compounds found in the hemp plant to deliver a complete CBD experience

CBD Capsules

CBD Soft Gel Capsules provide a convenient method of taking your daily dose of CBD on the go

CBD Skincare

We are expanding our skincare range of CBD products starting with our infused body oil and rescue balm.

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All of our CBD products are produced from the highest quality hemp available in Europe and the USA, meeting the strictest level of standards. All crops are supervised from soil to bottle, ensuring only the greenest, most natural techniques are used.

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CBD Queen offers the best CBD products in the UK, let us explain why

By vaping CBD, you increase the bioavailability by as much as 60%, which gives you the same beneficial effects using far less CBD

There is a lot of interest in CBD among the fitness community because of it’s many health benefits. Whether you’re trying to gain muscle or just get healthy, CBD could play a helpful role in your exercise routine.

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