Benefits of Vaping CBD

There are many potential benefits to vaping CBD as opposed to ingestion. By vaping CBD its bioavailability is increased, which means the body absorbs more. This is not to say that ingestion is ineffective, but for those comfortable with vaping can utilise a more efficient method of CBD supplementation.

When vaporized, CBD enters the lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream, as opposed to ingestion which requires the CBD to pass through the gut and liver. The passing of CBD through the gut and liver is known as the “first pass effect” and reduces the bioavailability of the CBD to as low as 15%. This means that for every 100mg of CBD ingested, only 15mg will actually be absorbed into the bloodstream. By vaping CBD, you increase the bioavailability to as much 60%, which gives you the same beneficial effects using far less CBD.

Vaping CBD can also help those looking to quit smoking, whether that be nicotine or cannabis. CBD has been proven to reduce addictive behaviours and counter the effects of THC. Vaping also replaces the physical act of smoking which so many ex smokers crave.

What is CBD E-liquid?

CBD E-liquid is E-liquid containing CBD. E-liquid is the liquid used in e-cigarettes usually to deliver nicotine. E-cigarettes work by using a battery to heat a small section of wire that in turn heats a cotton wick soaked in E-liquid. This produces vapour suitable to inhale that mimics the sensation of smoking. E-liquid is composed of 2 primary ingredients, the base (a mixture of PG and VG) and flavourings.

As e-cigarettes become more widespread and accessible, it only makes sense it would cross over into the world of health offering one of the most convenient methods for taking CBD.

Which vape is right for me?

It is important to make sure you buy the correct CBD e-liquid for your vaping device. There are two types of vaping device, sub-ohm and mouth to lung. Mouth to lung devices are made to replicate cigarettes, are generally less powerful and have a tighter draw with less vapour. Sub-ohm devices act more like an inhaler with long smooth draws, producing bigger clouds and more flavour.

For each type of vaping device there is a suitable liquid, mouth to lung devices use thinner “high PG” liquids whereas sub-ohm devices use thicker “high VG” liquids. It is important to make sure to use the correct juice for your device to get the best possible vaping experience

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