Can You Drive On CBD Oil in the UK

cbd oil and driving in the UK

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. It has numerous therapeutic benefits and is fast becoming a popular wellness product in the UK but is it safe and legal for UK drivers?

The mainstream perception of marijuana is that it alters an individual’s state of mind. Since CBD is related to marijuana, the following question arises: Is it okay to drive after consuming CBD?

Marijuana contains high THC levels, the chemical compound that causes one to develop a ​high​, but unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, and thus, it cannot cause mind-altering effects.

And so, as long as you consume quality CBD and have no side effects, your ability to drive isn’t impaired.

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How the Quality of CBD Determines the Effects

Sadly, not all brands of CBD oil are synonymous with quality. Some are of inferior quality.

Therefore, you may be at risk of consuming excessive THC or chemicals.

The CBD market is difficult to regulate, but there are certain things you have to consider when buying quality CBD oil.

  • Is the product 3r​d​ party lab-tested?

A 3r​d​ party lab-test is the most accurate mark of quality. It is the most reliable way of telling that a product is of the highest standard.

This will also give you an indication of what ingredients are inside your product.

For CBD companies that skip this process, it wouldn’t be unusual for their products to contain more THC than the 1mg limit.

  • Is all CBD extracted via the super-critical C02 method?

Top cannabidiol companies employ advanced extraction methods like super-critical C02 that guarantee top-shelf CBD.

But some manufacturers rely and focus on cheap extraction methods, so the final product usually contains solvent residues and other toxins.

  • Is all hemp 100% organic? Was it grown under the best farming practices?

Premium companies use organically-grown hemp to manufacture their CBD products. But some companies readily use chemically-enhanced hemp for the sake of cutting costs.

Their deceptive habits usually result in low-quality CBD, which could contain dangerous chemicals (it might even mean you would fail drug tests!).

The Law Around CBD Oil and Driving in the UK

For the most part, CBD has no side effects, but the outcome can differ in certain individuals.

Most people don’t experience any side effects, but some might experience dry mouth, drowsiness, and fatigue.

If cannabidiol causes you to develop troubling side effects, it’s prudent to avoid driving whenever you consume it.

Driving is a dangerous activity that demands mental and physical acuteness. You have a responsibility to make sure you are fit and legal to drive before getting behind the wheel.

So what if a traffic officer flags you down and spots a bottle of CBD?

Will you get drug tested?

Not necessarily, but if a police officer believes that you’re not fit to drive, they might perform drug screening tests.

It is possible for you to fail a drug test if you have more than the legal limit of THC in your blood.

Full Spectrum products contain traces of THC, so if you are concerned about consuming too much, we would recommend avoiding any products containing THC and opt for either a Broad Spectrum or Isolate product.

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Still, Worried About Getting Into Trouble?

CBD is a versatile product that is available in different formats and tastes, so people can buy the version they love best.

If you are still not sure about driving after consuming CBD, you might want to avoid Full Spectrum products and opt for Broad Spectrum or CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain numerous active compounds and cannabinoids, including THC, and all these compounds work together to promote its effectiveness.

Broad Spectrum CBD contains numerous active compounds and cannabinoids but excludes THC.

CBD isolate is the only cannabinoid, but it also contains numerous active compounds, with zero THC.

CBD isolate is as pure as it can be and typically appeals to people who love pure cannabidiol and it is perfectly legal to drive after taking it.

Don’t Over Do It!

If the CBD doesn’t have a dosage recommendation, you might have to search for the online dosage calculator or enlist the help of an expert before you drive after taking CBD.

Different factors determine what dosage is best for you and if you are safe to drive taking CBD oil. Some of these factors include age, metabolism, sex, and pre-existing health conditions.

If you overdose on CBD oils, it should not cause any serious issues but may come with some side effects.

Some of these side effects may include drowsiness, lethargy, stomach ache, diarrhea, and nausea. If you experience any of these, it may be wise to reduce your dose.

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