CBD Anti-Inflammatory Properties

topical CBD application

For many years, human beings have been using the hemp plant for medicinal and recreational reasons, and in recent years scientists have established that CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits.

(CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the major phytocannabinoid of the hemp plant.)

As a result, many people have started taking CBD to improve their well-being. One major, popular and important characteristic of CBD oil is that it is non-psychoactive.

Therefore anyone can enjoy using it without experiencing psychotropic effects (this means it won’t get you “high” like cannabis will).

One of the main reasons people love CBD oil is its anti-inflammatory and analgesic (aka pain-killing) properties.

Please note – CBD is available in many different forms, from tinctures to gummy bears. If you try it for yourself, you may need to establish which will be best for you and your needs.

What is Inflammation, and Why Does It Matter?

The immune system helps with fighting foreign agents and keeping the body safe. When you get an infection or injury, the immune system defends you.

Inflammation occurs when a false alarm is sent, causing the immune system to attack your body’s tissues.

There are two common types of inflammation: acute and chronic inflammation.

Acute inflammation typically exhibits short-term symptoms, whereas chronic inflammation can last for months or even years.

Some of the common signs of inflammation include pain, redness, swelling, and difficulty functioning.

If any of your body tissues are inflamed, it leads to a high concentration of biomarkers.

Some of the risk factors for inflammation include old age, bad diet, stress, and smoking.

Early treatment for chronic inflammation is critical, or else the inflammatory response might damage cells, tissues, and organs, thus triggering various conditions such as asthma, arthritis, or even cancer.

Can CBD Oil Help with Inflammation?

CBD is excellent for managing inflammation. Although it can be ingested in different forms, sublingually and topical applications give the best results.

CBD is a potent natural anti-inflammatory agent that achieves these effects by inducing apoptosis, inhibiting cell proliferation, suppressing cytokine production, and inducing T-regulatory cells.

CBD also interacts with cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout the body.

These regulate various body functions and prevent specific processes that precede inflammation.

The speed and strength of CBD effects depend on product potency, dosage, and frequency of use.

You need to take a high-quality CBD product and take it regularly for the best possible results.

Traits of Quality CBD Products for Managing Inflammation

When relying on CBD products to manage inflammation, you require high-quality products.

At CBD Queen, we ensure that our CBD products are of outstanding quality. Our products have the following features:

100% Natural: as the demand for CBD products shoots up. Some brands are tempted to use synthetic hemp.

Our products are extremely high quality and only contain 100% natural ingredients.

Lab-tested: our products undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure that customers get the quality they expect and deserve.

Lab tests also ensure that CBD products don’t have harmful substances like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or heavy metals.

Supercritical C02 extraction: some extraction systems can lead to high levels of residual solvent, minimizing the effectiveness of CBD and also risking your health.

But supercritical C02 extraction makes for superior and cleaner CBD oil extraction.

Full-spectrum CBD: our full-spectrum CBD ensures that you enjoy the full range of potential benefits from the products.

Cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenes are all-natural compounds that enhance the potential therapeutic powers of CBD.

Versatile: CBD oil can effectively be ingested, inhaled, or applied to the skin.

We have created a range of CBD products to appeal to CBD users with diverse tastes and preferences.

Quality and Good potency: CBD products with excellent quality and maximum potency offer the best chance of helping you with your health problems.

Many of our products come in different strengths and can then also be varied by dosage.

This means you can start at a lower dose and work your way up until you find what works for you.

High ratings: our customers think highly of us. We have a 5-star rating from customer reviews on Trustpilot, which means our products and service are not just good but excellent.

What’s the Best Dosage for Managing Inflammation?

There’s no standard dosage that is appropriate for everyone. Instead, different factors are typically considered when establishing the perfect dosage.

We suggest starting low and gradually increasing your dose when starting with our CBD until you find what works for you.

Using our Full Spectrum oil, start with taking a couple of drops at least twice a day – ideally morning and night.

Do this for at least 5-6 days. If you do not notice improvement, you can increase the dose by 1-2 drops each serving. Continue to do so until you find what works for you.

The most important part of taking CBD oil is how long you keep it under your tongue.

The longer you keep it sitting there, the bioavailability is significantly increased, and the more active CBD will enter your system.

When using topical CBD products to help tackle inflammation, we suggest trying our Body Oil or Rescue Balm.

(Using topicals, you apply them directly to the area of discomfort).

These products can be incredibly fast-acting, as you’re targeting the specific area of pain.

You can use these products as often as you require them. Also, you can reapply them in multiple layers to impact deep or more severe pain.

If you have a pre-existing health problem and are on medication, it’s critical to consult your doctor before taking CBD.

This helps you avoid any potentially dangerous drug interactions and subsequent health complications.

Unlike THC, which can be harmful when ingested excessively, CBD has no harmful effects.

However, overdosing on CBD can, on occasion, result in a few side effects like sweating and drowsiness.

At CBD Queen, we have made it easy for you to take the perfect dosage. Our CBD products come in different strengths, and we also guide you on how to ingest them for the best results.

Ok, that is it for this post looking at CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and potential benefits.

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