Is CBD Oil Halal or Haram?

Is CBD Oil Halal or Haram?

The strong demand for CBD in the UK has made the CBD industry one of the fastest-growing wellness sectors.

It means that millions of people trust CBD.

This organic compound has numerous ​therapeutic benefits.

But is it okay for Muslims to consume? Do CBD products contain any alcohol?

Is CBD Oil Halal or Haram? Let’s find out…

Is CBD Oil Haram or Halal?

Most Islamic scholars agree that if CBD oil contains either trace amounts or zero THC, then it is halal.

With very low or zero levels of THC, it is not intoxicating (meaning it can’t get you high), so it is allowed when taken for health benefits.

If, as a practising Muslim, you want to avoid all traces of THC, then you should take broad-spectrum CBD oil, as there is zero THC in this variation.

You should also check the label or speak to the manufacturer to make sure that there is no alcohol in the product.

Do CBD Oil Products Contain Alcohol?

CBD oil products typically do not contain alcohol.

They are made by extracting CBD from the hemp plant and diluting it with a carrier oil.

However, some extraction methods use removed ethanol, which may leave trace amounts.

Some CBD tinctures might contain alcohol, and some CBD-infused products like beverages or cosmetics could have alcohol in their formulation.

Always check the product’s label and description to ensure the product is alcohol-free.

NOTE – None of CBD Queen’s products contain any alcohol, and none is used during our extraction process.

What Does Halal Mean in Islamic Law?

“Halal” is an Arabic term meaning “permissible” in Islamic law, contrasting with “haram,” which means “forbidden.”

In a dietary context, halal dictates what Muslims can consume.

Meat must be slaughtered in God’s name and have blood fully drained.

Forbidden items include pork and intoxicants.

While primarily associated with food, halal also applies to other life aspects like finance and clothing.

Due to modern food processing, many products have halal certification to assure compliance.

Interpretations of what’s considered halal can vary among cultures and Islamic jurisprudence.

What Does Halal Mean in Islamic Law?

“Haram” is an Arabic term that means “forbidden” in Islamic law.

In this context, it designates what is prohibited for Muslims in various aspects of life, such as dietary, behavioural, and financial matters.

For example, consuming pork and alcohol is haram.

The term is the opposite of “halal,” which means “permissible.”

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s one of the numerous cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

The primary distinguishing feature of CBD is that it has no psychoactive properties (that means it doesn’t get you “high”).

Is CBD Oil Haram?Most people take CBD to improve their health or well-being.

Research shows cannabidiol successfully manages conditions​ like anxiety, seizures, chronic pain, acne, and cancer.

In recorded history, this compound was first used by ​Emperor Sheng Neng​ of China, who mixed it with tea to improve his memory and fight diseases.

CBD is legal in the UK, but it must not contain more than 1mg of THC, and it must also be extracted from certified hemp.

The extraction and sale of cannabidiol may be regulated, but still, there are enough cracks to allow dishonest sellers in the market.

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Does CBD Oil Get You High?

If you have ever smoked marijuana, you probably know what it is like to get high.

You typically experience euphoria and hunger and become highly sensitive.

There might also be unpleasant side effects like delusions, confusion, and paranoia.

In that state, you would appear strange to a sober individual.

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant, but unlike marijuana, it doesn’t have high levels of THC.

This chemical compound triggers psychoactive properties.

CBD oil is safe and can be consumed by just about anyone; it doesn’t alter the state of mind, affect productivity, or cause one to behave abnormally.

However, it would be best to be wary of low-quality CBD oil as it typically contains excessive THC or chemicals.

Ingesting low-quality CBD oil might get you high against your wish.

And so, we cannot stress enough the importance of making sure you’re buying premium CBD oil.

Since quality CBD oil cannot make an individual high, it may be consumed anywhere and anytime!

But what if you’re coming from a religious perspective?

The Islamic faith is keen on categorizing foods and drinks as to whether they are okay for consumption.

According to Islam, Halal denotes permitted, and Haram denotes forbidden.

Muslims are responsible for determining whether a particular food or drink is halal before they partake.

CBD is an organic product with no psychoactive properties.

Therefore, there are no steps during extraction or processing or from the history of CBD itself that would necessitate religious cleansing.

Do Trace Amounts of THC Make CBD Haram?

No! And here’s why.

The trace THC elements blend with other cannabinoids and active compounds to boost the therapeutic utility of CBD through a process known as the entourage effect.

In other words, these small amounts of THC can make CBD more effective.

However, if you’re insistent on consuming CBD oil that doesn’t contain any THC, it’s attainable.

Broad Spectrum and CBD isolates are stripped of all THC and carry zero risk of harm.

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Still Not Sure if CBD Oil is Halal or Haram?

We appreciate that religious beliefs are usually deep-rooted.

Some Muslims may take a while to accept that CBD is halal.

If you’re still convinced that CBD is not halal, the wise step would be to enlist the help of your local scholars.

They are more versed in Islamic law and beliefs and will help you take an accurate position about CBD.

Or, if you are excited to try it for yourself, we recommend the best full-spectrum CBD oil for sale in the UK.

Final Notes On Whether CBD is Halal or Haram

CBD Oil is Halal because it does not get you high, has no intoxicating qualities, and is used for health reasons.

So, according to the common understanding of Islamic law, it is not Haram.

As a Muslim, if you want to be extra safe, you can take our broad-spectrum CBD oil.

It contains zero THC, so there can be no question of getting you high or being Haram. 

And, of course, if you want to be sure you should always consult your local Imam and ask them for their scholarly opinion on cannabidiol and how it relates to Islamic law and Muslim religious practices.

If you would like to try CBD oil and see if it can help you live a healthier life, please take a look at our shop.

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