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Created using organically grown hemp in Colorado and supercritical CO2 extraction, our CBD E-liquids are produced to meet our own high standards.

We guarantee our CBD vape liquid (aka vape juice) is totally natural, organic, and free from GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

We offer FREE UK delivery on all orders over £25.00.

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Everything You Need to Know About Our CBD Vape Juice

What is CBD Vape Juice (aka E-Liquid)?

E-liquid is the liquid used in e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes work by using a battery to heat a small section of wire that, in turn, heats a cotton wick soaked in E-liquid.

This then produces a vapour which is inhaled.

CBD e-liquid comprises Propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable glycerin (VG) for the base.

Then flavourings are usually added for a pleasant taste, and CBD is also added.

Why Choose CBD Queen’s E-Liquid?

Our CBD e-liquids come in six delicious-tasting flavours and two strengths for a powerful vaping experience.

We also have one flavourless additive designed to be added to an existing bottle of vape e-liquid.

This will then turn your favourite flavour into a CBD liquid.

In addition, we offer highly competitive pricing for our potent CBD e-liquids.

Why is Vaping CBD Recommended?

Vaping CBD offers a high-speed delivery method. When inhaled CBD is carried from the lungs directly into the bloodstream, this can give users almost immediate effects.

How Much Should You Vape?

Everyone responds differently to CBD, so some trial and error is needed for what works for you.

You have a lot of control over vaping CBD. We recommend starting with inhaling about five puffs and seeing how you feel.

Then, if it’s not quite enough, inhale another 5-10 puffs and see how you feel.

You can continue to do so until you reach your desired effects. Then, with a bit of playing around with doses, you should find what works for you relatively quickly.

What’s the Best Device to Use for Vaping CBD?

The best vaping device to use with CBD vape oil would be a very low-powered device. Nothing too big or high wattage.

We recommend vaping under about 20watts. We pair up our CBD e-liquids with the Vaporesso Xros mini.

This device is small and great for discreet vaping. It is straightforward to use and is suck-activated with no buttons. It also comes with an easy-fill pod as well.

Is Vaping CBD Vape Juice Legal in the UK?

Yes absolutely! CBD is legal in the UK and many countries around the world.

Can You Vape Normal CBD Oil, or Does it Have to be Special E-Liquid?

No, you can NOT vape regular CBD oil. Some oils are not safe to be vaped, as this could release dangerous chemicals which would attach to your lungs.

You must only ever vape CBD e-liquid. This is because the ingredients used in e-liquid have undergone rigorous testing and have proven safe to consume.

Is CBD Vape Liquid Safe? Does it Have Side Effects?

Yes, CBD e-liquid is considered safe. Some people can have mild reactions to PG or VG, which is rare.

Does the CBD Vape Juice Contain THC? Does it Get You High?

No, our CBD vape liquid does not contain any THC. So no, it absolutely won’t get you high.

How Long Does a Bottle of CBD Vape Liquid Last?

That depends on a few factors like; how often you use it and how much you consume each time.

Generally speaking, users get around a minimum of a month’s use, sometimes up to three or even four months.

Can You Mix Ordinary Vape Juice with CBD Juice?

Yes, you can! That’s the reason we created a flavourless additive option.

It was designed to add to an existing bottle of liquid, allowing users to keep their favourite flavoured e-liquid and turn it into CBD e-liquid!

What is the Strongest CBD Vape Juice in the UK?

Our strongest flavoured e-liquid is 600mg, a 6% concentration. Our strongest flavourless additive is 1000mg, a 10% concentration.

What Strength Should You Choose?

We always recommend starting on our lowest strength which is 300mg (3%).

However, this is still incredibly strong for a CBD liquid and a great cost-effective strength to begin with.

How Much CBD is there in Our E-Liquid?

Our eliquids contain pure CBD isolate. They come in strengths of 300mg (3%), 600mg (6%) and 1000mg (10%).

Is there Nicotine in Our E-Liquids?

No, all of our CBD e-liquid for sale is nicotine-free, which makes them a great way of helping you break your nicotine addiction.

Why is Vaping CBD Different From Other Methods of Consumption?

Vaping provides the fastest onset effects compared to oils or edible CBD gummies.

What if You Don’t Want to Vape CBD?

No problem at all. There are many other highly effective ways to consume CBD. For example, CBD oil for under the tongue, gummies, capsules, or topicals.

Depending on your requirements, we have an extensive product range for sale which has something for everyone.

Please browse our CBD UK shop to see our other CBD products to find something more suitable for your needs.

Can CBD Juice Help You Quit Smoking?

Yes, it sure can! Because of CBD’s ability to interact with the Endocannabinoid system, it can help assist with any addictions.

CBD has been shown to calm the body and mind. It also distracts the mind from addictive behaviour, making it a great partner to assist with quitting smoking.

What’s the Difference Between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum?

Isolates are products that only contain one compound, CBD. CBD isolate is in its purest form. It is isolated during the extraction process and made into powder.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil refers to a wide range of cannabinoids, not just CBD. Also, naturally occurring fatty acids, omegas, and terpenes. It contains no THC.

Full Spectrum refers to a wide range of cannabinoids, not just CBD. Also, naturally occurring fatty acids, omegas, and terpenes. It contains trace amounts of THC.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, Full Spectrum CBD can provide a more significant effect than CBD alone, as all the cannabinoids work together in what is known as the entourage effect.

Why Do You Have Unflavoured CBD Vape Oil for Sale?

Yes, we have a flavourless additive. If you want to use this pure product (without mixing it with another liquid), we recommend only using 300mg or 600mg.

Please do not vape 1000mg pure. It is incredibly strong and will give a very botanical taste.