CBD Edibles

Treat yourself to our edible CBD Gummies. A popular, tasty, and simple method of taking CBD oil daily.

Each edible gummy contains either 10mg or 25mg of CBD and is bursting with fruity flavour!

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Everything You Want to Know About Edible CBD Products

 What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are food or sweets that contain CBD (most often, they are gummy sweets).

They are consumed as you would any other food, but they have the added benefit of allowing you to ingest CBD oil easily.

Why Should You Choose CBD Queen’s Edibles?

Here at CBD Queen, we have a great range of delicious-tasting edibles for sale in our shop.

They are all bursting with natural fruit flavours and high-quality CBD oil.

Not only that, but our gummies are award-winning too!

What Types, Flavours, and Strengths of CBD Edibles Do You Have for Sale?

We stock four different types of edibles, which come in two strengths.

In 10mg, we have gummy Bears or Worms. Both contain mixed fruit flavours such as Apple, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, and Pineapple.

In 25mg, we have gummy Bottles or Cherries. Bottles contain similar flavours to our Bears and Worms.

Our cherries are bursting with yummy cherry-ness, similar to one of the most popular cherry sweets on the market!

(If you are worried the gummies might be too temptingly tasty, you should check out our CBD oil capsules).

Do these Edibles Contain THC? Can They Get You High?

No, none of our edibles contain any THC. Therefore, there is no chance you will get high, so you don’t need to worry about that!

You are also not at any risk of failing a drug test, so no, there are also worries about that.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBD Oil Edibles?

The first obvious one is that they taste great! But, asides from that, they contain an exact measured dose of CBD.

They provide an easy and convenient way to consume CBD and are great to consume while on the go.

How Can Edible CBD Help You?

When consuming CBD edibles, CBD enters the system via the gut, the same way our bodies consume food.

The effects of using edibles sometimes have delayed onset. This is due to the length of time your body takes to process it.

Each user will get different results from using edibles, generally speaking, the effects of CBD should be felt for at least a few hours.

How Many Should You Eat Each Day?

That depends on what strength CBD they are and what results you’re hoping to get from them.

The FSA recommends not to consume more than 70mg of CBD per day. Depending on the strength of your edibles, you can quickly work out how many to consume.

We recommend starting off lower and building up gradually.

Are CBD Edibles Safe?

Absolutely. Our edibles are produced in the USA under stringent GMO conditions. In addition, they are lab tested for safety and quality.

Are CBD Queen’s Edibles Legal in the UK?

Of course! All of our products are legal in the UK and many other countries worldwide.

They are not the same as cannabis edibles (that contain THC) which are illegal in the United Kingdom and many other countries.