About CBD Queen

Why Should You Choose Us?

CBD Queen is a family-run multi-award-winning company based in the UK, established in 2018.

We’re a passionate brother and sister team, made up of myself (Lisa) and my brother Mark with a great team of hard-working staff behind us.

We take tremendous pride in our customer service and providing the highest quality CBD products.

Our goal is to spread awareness and help people discover the fantastic benefits and vast array of positive effects CBD and other cannabinoids can offer our bodies.

We actively encourage everyone to take good care of themselves in the most natural way possible, which we do by harnessing the natural power of CBD!

Since we launched CBD Queen, our knowledge and experience within the industry have increased significantly.

This allows us to help and assist others in starting with CBD safely.

Since we started the brand, we’ve helped many people get their lives back. They have been achieving incredible and life-changing results.

If you feel using our CBD oil could help you or would like to discuss anything with us, we welcome you to get in touch.

We are here to help as many people as possible, to help make their lives a little bit easier and more manageable.

About Lisa

Lisa Strange CBD Queen My journey started in late 2017. I was continuously popping pills to try and manage my chronic back pain and IBS.

I found that my body got so used to them that they just weren’t working anymore.

Not only were they not working, but they were also causing me to experience terrible side effects.

I had tried many suggested remedies over the years, with most failing or being very short-lived. I then discovered CBD.

Since taking CBD, the overall improvements to my pain, IBS, mental health, and general well-being have been nothing but amazing, and they still are.

I can easily say that CBD has completely changed my life!

After experiencing the incredible benefits of CBD, I desperately wanted to help others discover this amazing and almost hidden-away ingredient.

I first got my family and friends using it, and they too had similar feedback as me!
I spoke with my brother Mark, who was using CBD for workout recovery.

After some lengthy discussions, we decided we wanted to create a brand and develop a range of products to help people like it has helped us.

So in February 2018, CBD Queen was established and registered as a brand.

About Mark

I started using CBD edibles and capsules after my sister suggested it. So what can I say apart from I’m delighted she did!

I’ve experienced amazing results from using CBD.

Previously I would suffer from many aches and pains due to intense workouts and running.

This would often leave me unable to train, sometimes for days after.

The speed of my recovery since using CBD is utterly unbelievable!

I can also train harder and better. I’m less sore, my recovery time is significantly less, my mood is better, and I have more energy!

The quality of my sleep has improved massively.

Another thing I love about CBD is that it’s an entirely natural (and legal) ingredient!

This is a crucial factor to me as I like to take good care of my body.

I can honestly say CBD is completely unmatched by any other product out there! What CBD can achieve is somewhat gobsmacking!