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Who are we? Whats our Mission?

CBD Queen are committed to providing the highest quality and purest CBD products on the market today. Our goal is to spread awareness and help people discover the amazing health benefits and vast array of positive effects that CBD and other cannabinoids can offer our bodies.

We actively encourage everyone to take good care of themselves in the most natural way possible, which we do by harnessing the natural power of CBD. This cannabinoid is currently taking the world by storm as more researchers, manufacturers and consumers realise the untapped potential of this miracle compound.

It’s our mission is to help educate people on the numerous health benefits CBD has to offer so that people suffering from conditions CBD can help and those seeking improvement in their health can experience these benefits first hand.

Quality Controlled from source to product

We put in a lot of work and effort into sourcing the very best suppliers and manufactures of our materials, to ensure that CBD Queen offers the highest quality products available on the market today. Our supplier is one of the very best in the industry and has been for many years. They’ve been able to use their wealth of experience and knowledge to produce some of the purest ingredients available.

Our working relationship is solid and very special, as we all share the same passion to spread the positive word of CBD and help people discover the amazing benefits of earth’s most powerful plant. Together we’re a team who are well versed in all things CBD and hemp, and know exactly what it takes to make quality products to be proud of.

Our products go through a rigorous process of quality control, and are made using only the finest ingredients and latest scientific methods. As a result you can be sure that our products meet strict cannabinoid content requirements. No genetically modified products used and does not contain any pesticides, herbicides, any chemical fertilisers and no dangerous contaminants. Resulting in a pure and safely produced CBD.

We third party test all of our products ensuring you receive top quality and as purely extracted cannabinoids as possible and we provide access to all of our HPLC test certificates.

Our CBD Oil is produced from the finest grown hemp available in Europe, meeting the highest level of standards. All crops are supervised from soil to bottle, ensuring only the greenest, most natural techniques are used. This guarantees that the hemp and oil it produces are all 100% natural – just as nature intended.

Our Guarantees

  • 100% Natural and Organic Oil
  • No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides are ever used in the cultivation of our hemp.
  • Supercritical CO2 extracted – Gold standard for CBD extraction.
  • Our products will never contain any harmful contaminants.
  • All products go through rigorous cannabinoid testing. Test certificates available.
  • You receive the very best CBD products available.

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