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Who are we? Whats our Mission?

We are a passionate family run company who are committed to providing the highest quality and purest CBD products. Our goal is to spread awareness and help people discover the amazing health benefits and vast array of positive effects that CBD and other cannabinoids can offer our bodies.

We actively encourage everyone to take good care of themselves in the most natural way possible, which we do by harnessing the natural power of CBD. We want people who are seeking improvement in their health to experience these benefits first hand, with our completely natural CBD food supplements. This cannabinoid is currently taking the world by storm as more and more people realise the untapped potential of this miracle compound.

Our story

In early 2017 a close family member suggested that I should give CBD a try to help improve my  back pain and IBS. I’d previously tried lots of different ‘suggested remedies’ over the years, some worked for a little while but after time I found that my body got used to it. I did a bit of research into CBD and found that a huge amount of people were already using it and getting great results, so I decided to buy a bottle of CBD oil.

I started taking it everyday. I didn’t really notice much difference in the beginning but after a couple of weeks or so I started to feel that the aches and pains that would usually occur almost daily were becoming less and less. I noticed improvements with my back, as I was starting to be able to do more things that I had been restricted of previously. I must say its been incredible! After about 2 months of taking the oil, the improvement in my symptoms had been nothing but amazing and they still are. I can easily say that CBD has changed my life! I take the oil everyday and I also enjoy vaping CBD aswell. Vaping CBD is incredibly beneficial for immediate effects plus they taste delicious too!

I‘m now really passionate about everything CBD, so I decided to do some research to find a reliable source and start supplying quality CBD myself. After successfully providing family and friends with CBD, I wanted to develop a brand and expand the range of products. I decided to speak with my brother who is also a CBD user and he was just as excited about it as I was, so we decided to set up a company and do exactly that.

In February 2018, CBD Queen was born and registered as a brand. Going from strength to strength, we are now helping people all around the world. We are passionate users of CBD who understand the many different ways on how using CBD supplements can help support our well-being. Hemp is one of the most powerful plants on the planet which is completely natural. It gets nowhere near enough credit as it should do.

Myself Lisa, my brother Mark and the rest of the team are here to help and assist you on your journey with CBD, if you need any assistance we welcome you to get in touch. We will help you as much as we can and will go to great lengths to assist you in the best way possible.

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