Can You Take CBD Oil On a Plane in the UK?

Can I bring CBD oil on a plane in the UK?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is derived from the hemp plant.

In the UK, millions of people consume it for its numerous therapeutic benefits.

But since CBD oil is extracted from a member of the cannabis family, some people usually have a few concerns about the law, drug tests, flying, etc.

Can you take CBD oil on a plane in the United Kingdom?

You can bring CBD oil on UK flights. The quantity must be under 100 ml if in hand luggage, and the packaging should be clearly labelled.

The THC level must be below 0.2%. Always check for additional airline-specific regulations before travel.

Let’s take a more detailed look at this:

  1. Compliance with UK Law: CBD products are allowed if they meet UK law requirements, which include having no THC and being intended for human use. CBD oils are permitted, but CBD buds are not.
  2. THC Content: CBD is legal in the UK, provided the THC content does not exceed 0.2%. Being aware of this is essential for trouble-free travel with CBD.
  3. Liquid Quantity Restrictions: CBD products in hand luggage should not surpass 100 ml. This limit applies to various forms such as oils, tinctures, and e-liquids.
  4. Labelling: As CBD oil is regarded as a legal food supplement, carrying it on a UK flight is fine as long as the bottle is clearly marked.

Travelling with CBD oil is generally allowed when you comply with the THC content rules, carry-on liquid limits, and labelling requirements.

Checking with your airline for specific rules is also recommended for a hassle-free flight.

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Yes, it is legal in the United Kingdom to use CBD Oil and products that contain it.

However, it must be derived from certified hemp strains and must not contain more than 0.2% THC or 1mg if consumed orally.

THC is the compound that triggers psychoactive effects, and the levels found in CBD oil at under 0.2% are not strong enough to have an impact.

Note – Click here to read about CBD oil and UK law.

Is Flying with CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Taking CBD on a plane is legal within the UK.

However, CBD is illegal in some countries, so you must check carefully before flying.

You should also check the legality of CBD possession in any stop-over countries you may visit during your flight.

You need to be aware that CBD is not legal throughout the world.

It is banned in many countries, including China, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

If you travel to these countries with CBD on you, you could be breaking the law, and some of them may have strict penalties for doing so.

Always check the law around CBD in your destination thoroughly and only fly with cannabidiol on you if its law clearly states that cannabidiol is legal.

If you don’t fly directly to your destination and have connecting flights, you must exercise caution if CBD is illegal in the stop-over country.

Cannabidiol may be legal in your final destination, but if it’s illegal at any stop-over, it could cause some problems.

So, make sure that CBD is legal throughout your stopovers. (This is especially important if the oil is in your hand luggage).

Is it Safe to Fly Abroad With CBD Oil?

Flying abroad with CBD oil can be complex and depends on the laws of the destination country.

While CBD oil is legal and can be taken on planes in the UK, other countries may have different laws regarding CBD products.

Some countries have strict drug laws, and carrying CBD oil, even if legal in the UK, could result in legal issues upon arrival or departure.

I have pasted some additional information below, listing the legality of CBD oil in various countries.

Here are some general considerations for flying abroad with CBD oil:

  1. Destination Laws: Research the destination country’s laws regarding CBD and cannabis products. Some countries may allow CBD oil with no THC, while others may have a total ban on such products.
  2. Airline Policies: Check the airline’s policy on carrying CBD oil. Even if it’s legal to take CBD in both the departure and arrival countries, airlines have their regulations.
  3. Carry-on Restrictions: Remember that liquids in carry-on luggage are generally restricted to 100 ml containers placed within a clear plastic bag.
  4. Documentation: Having documentation or certification showing the THC content and composition of your CBD oil may help if questioned by customs or security.
  5. Discretion: Even where CBD oil is legal, there may be stigma or misunderstandings by officials or fellow travellers. Keeping your CBD oil discreetly stored can help avoid unnecessary attention.

If you plan to travel with CBD oil, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations is crucial to avoid confiscation, fines, or more severe legal consequences.

Consider consulting with legal professionals or relevant authorities before travelling when in doubt.

What is the Legal Status of CBD Oil in Other Countries?

NOTE – This table is just a starting point and is not exhaustive or necessarily current.

Laws regarding CBD are complex and vary widely even within countries, depending on the region, state, or other local jurisdictions.

Always consult an expert for the most accurate and updated information.

CountryCBD Oil Legal Status
United KingdomLegal, with restrictions (must contain less than 0.2% THC)
United StatesLegal at the federal level under the Farm Bill, with restrictions; state laws vary.
AustraliaLegal with a prescription.
JapanLegal, but must contain 0% THC.
GermanyLegal, with restrictions (must contain less than 0.2% THC).
FranceLegal, with restrictions (THC is not allowed; only CBD from hemp is legal).
South AfricaLegal, with restrictions (must contain less than 0.001% THC).
MexicoLegal, with restrictions.
BrazilLegal for medical use with a prescription.
NetherlandsLegal, with restrictions.
SpainLegal, but cannot be sold as a consumable product.
ItalyLegal, with restrictions (THC content must be below 0.6%).
ChinaIllegal for personal use, legal for industrial use.
IndiaUnclear regulations and varies by state.

Changeover Flights and Flying with CBD Oil

When flying with CBD oil and having changeover flights, it’s essential to research and follow the laws of each country you’ll transit through or arrive in, as regulations can vary widely.

The transit country’s laws apply even if you don’t leave the airport.

Ensure your CBD oil container meets liquid restrictions for carry-on luggage, typically under 100 ml, and consider carrying documentation to verify the oil’s THC content and legality.

Check each airline’s policies regarding CBD.

If the legal situation is uncertain, you might want to ship the oil to your destination or buy it upon arrival.

Let’s look at all of this in more detail:

  • Transit Countries: Even if you don’t plan to leave the airport, the transit country’s laws apply when you land. Some countries have strict regulations against CBD, and you could face legal issues if found in possession, even in transit.
  • Airport Security: When passing through security during a changeover, you will be subject to the transit country’s rules. This could mean additional screening of liquids and possibly having to explain your possession of CBD oil.
  • Layover Duration: If you have a long layover and wish to leave the airport, you must abide by the country’s laws regarding CBD outside the airport premises.
  • Final Destination Regulations: The legality of CBD at your final destination is just as important as the laws in any transit country. Ensure that you can legally possess CBD oil upon arrival.
  • Airline Policies: Each airline you fly with may have different policies regarding CBD, so it’s essential to verify this for every changeover.

To mitigate risks:

  • Do Thorough Research: Before your trip, look into the laws for each country you enter or pass through, including any countries where you have a layover.
  • Consider Alternative Solutions: If the legal landscape seems too uncertain, you might want to consider shipping your CBD to your final destination (if legal) or purchasing it there.
  • Keep Documentation Handy: Carry any lab reports or certificates of analysis that prove the legality and composition of your CBD oil.
  • Pack Appropriately: Ensure your CBD oil is in a container under 100 ml for carry-on and stored correctly according to TSA guidelines if travelling from or within the United States.

Lisa’s Top Tip for Flying With CBD Products

I have been using CBD for years and have managed to take it on holiday to many countries safely.

But I have heard of some awful horror stories of people getting in trouble.

So, if you are in any doubt about the safety of flying on a plane with CBD, my tip is to leave it at home to avoid any risk.

Taking CBD Before a Flight May Promote Relaxation

Some travellers find getting into planes very nerve-wracking.

The last thing you want is to board a plane and imagine horrible scenarios.

Taking CBD can help fight anxiety, making you calmer throughout the flight.

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Final Thoughts on Taking CBD on a Plane in the United Kingdom

It is legal to take CBD oil or products onto a plane in the United Kingdom, as CBD is not illegal in this country.

However, you must ensure when flying internationally that cannabidiol is legal in your destination country and any stop-over countries along the way.

That’s it for this post looking at the question – can you take CBD oil on a plane in the UK?

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