CBD Capsules

Our soft-gel capsules provide a simple, convenient way of taking the exact dose of CBD oil you require.

Containing only the highest-quality, natural, organic, lab-tested CBD.

Our soft gel CBD capsules are easy to swallow and easily integrated into your daily health routine.

We offer FREE UK delivery on all orders over £25.00.

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    • Our CBD Soft gel capsules are Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free and THC free. Soft gels provide an effortless and convenient way of taking CBD and also provide you with an exact dose. Available in a tub of either 30 x 10 mg capsules totalling 300mg or 30 x 30mg totalling 900mg. FREE delivery on UK orders over £50.00.
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Everything You Need to Know About Our CBD Oil Capsules for Sale

Why Should You Choose Our Capsules?

CBD Queens’s CBD capsules (also known as soft gels) provide a straightforward and convenient way of taking CBD.

They provide you with an exact measured dose of CBD.

We are a family-run business based in the United Kingdom and take the quality of our products very seriously.

What are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are the same as any other capsule supplement, except they contain CBD!

They contain measured doses of CBD compacted into capsules, designed to be easy and hassle-free to consume.

How Should You Take Them?

You take CBD capsules the same way you would consume any product in capsule form.

You place the capsule in your mouth and wash it down with plenty of water.

Are These Cannabidiol Capsules For Sale Organic, Vegan Friendly, and Cruelty-Free?

Yes, they absolutely are!

Our capsules (and edibles) are created using the finest organic hemp and vegan-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients.

What Type of CBD Oil is in the Capsules?

Our capsules contain Broad Spectrum CBD, which means there is no THC (THC is the stuff that gets you “high” in cannabis).

How Strong Are These Cannabidiol Capsules?

Our capsules come in either 10mg or 30mg strength. For both options, the tub contains 30 capsules.

Are They Better Than Sub-Lingual Oils or Vaping?

Everyone has very different requirements, and we all have very different personal opinions about how we consume CBD.

Capsules are fantastic for people who can not administer CBD oil under the tongue or want a quick and precisely measured CBD dose without hassle.

Capsules enter the system in the gut. The body then processes it in the same way as food. It passes through your liver and is then cleaned.

The best form of delivery is the sub-lingual method. The reason for this is the way it enters the system.

Sublingual is by placing drops under your tongue. The CBD enters your system via the mucous membranes underneath the tongue and then goes directly into your bloodstream.

The bioavailability is significantly increased using this method. Making it the most effective form of delivery. Also, you have much more control over your dosing.

What is Cannabidiol or CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the hemp plant.
CBD oil is created using hemp extract and mixing it with carrier oil.

This makes it easy to work with and efficiently helps the CBD enter your system.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Taking CBD?

The potential benefits of CBD are endless!

There have been many studies to date that have reported and found CBD to help and support various conditions or ailments.

Please visit our shop to see all of our CBD products that we have for sale.

Or our blog for more information on those benefits and links to studies.