What is the Best CBD Vape Wattage?

What is the Best CBD Vape Wattage?

Are you looking to acquire a new vape device to vape CBD but don’t know where to start when it comes to vape wattage?

We are here to help. Getting the correct wattage is crucial for a quality vaping experience, affecting the efficacy and taste of your CBD.

The wattage too high can burn your liquid, and too low may not deliver the desired effects.

We’ve dived into this topic to bring you a comprehensive guide on the best wattage for CBD vaping.

What is the Perfect CBD Vape Wattage?

The ideal wattage for vaping CBD largely depends on your personal preference and the specific device you’re using.

The best device to use with CBD e-liquid would be a very low-powered refillable device.

Our recommended vape wattage is anything under 20 watts.

Keeping the wattage under 20 ensures a gentle and steady release of CBD without overwhelming your vape coil/pod.

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How Does the Wattage Affect the Vaping Experience?

The wattage you set on your vape device significantly influences your vaping experience.

In simple terms, wattage is the measure of power that the vape device uses to heat the CBD e-liquid in the tank or cartridge.

It’s important to note when vaping CBD.

It’s important to stick within wattage guidelines.

If you vape CBD e-liquid too high, you can actually burn the CBD resulting in a botanical taste which can be unpleasant.

Generally speaking, and depending on the strength of your CBD e-liquid, we recommend sticking to low-wattage or a lower-powered device.

This will give you the best CBD vaping experience.

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What is Auto-Draw activation? And Why is it Better for Vaping?

Auto-draw activation refers to a type of activation mechanism used in vape devices.

Rather than needing to press a button to activate the heating element, auto-draw devices are automatically activated when you take a puff.

This mimics the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette and can make the switch to vaping more comfortable for former smokers, especially those who might be using CBD to help quit smoking.

Another great factor of auto draw is it allows you to be discreet too.

Here are a few other reasons why auto-draw activation can be seen as better for vaping:

  • Simplicity: Auto-draw vape pens are incredibly user-friendly. There are no buttons or settings to worry about; you simply inhale, and the device does the rest.
  • Convenience: Auto-draw activation provides a seamless vaping experience. You don’t need to fumble for a button, which can be particularly beneficial if you’re vaping on the go.
    Safety: Without a fire button, there’s no risk of accidentally activating the device when it’s in your pocket or bag.

It’s worth noting that while many people prefer auto-draw devices for these reasons, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Some vapers may prefer button-activated devices as they can offer more control over the vaping experience, particularly when it comes to factors like wattage and temperature.

It’s all about finding the device that suits you best.

What Are Vape Coils and Pods?

Vape coils and pods are essential components of vaping devices, each playing a unique role in the vaping experience.

A vape coil is a tightly wound piece of wire that is surrounded by a wicking material, often cotton.

When the device is activated, the coil heats up and vaporises the e-liquid that the wicking material has absorbed.

The coil’s resistance, measured in ohms, affects how quickly it heats up and how much heat it generates, directly impacting vapour production and flavour.

A vape pod refers to the replaceable or refillable cartridge itself.

Pods come in two varieties: pre-filled or refillable.

Refillable pods can be refilled with the e-liquid of your choice, while pre-filled pods come pre-filled with e-liquid and are discarded and replaced once empty.

Coils and pods have a limited life span and will need to be replaced once they burn out.

Time scales on how long they last will depend on what type of e-liquid you use and also how much you use it.

Generally speaking, these elements can last anywhere between 5-10 days before they need changing, but this varies from user to user.

What is the Best CBD E-liquid to Vape With?

It’s important to purchase CBD from reputable suppliers to ensure safe products that are compliant with UK laws and regulations.

Our CBD company, CBD Queen, offers a diverse selection of CBD e-liquids for vaping.

We carry a variety of flavours such as Bubblegum Lemonade, Mango/Peach/Pineapple, Raspberry/Strawberry, Strawberry/Watermelon, Tropical Ice, Watermelon Cactus, and Unflavoured.

All flavours come in the strengths of 300mg and 600mg, while the unflavoured liquid also comes in 1000mg.

The unflavoured liquid is to be used with an existing tank of flavoured e-liquid of your choice rather than vaping it pure.

We also recommend using the Vaporesso XROS kit that we sell for a perfect match for your CBD vaping experience.

Lisa’s Tops Tip for Vaping CBD and Wattage

Over the years, my brother and I have gotten to know a wide variety of different vaping devices for CBD, and without a doubt, the best one we used was the Vaporesso XROS Mini.

This device is the perfect small size for discreet vaping and is effortless to use.

It is an auto-draw device with no buttons and comes with an extra easy-fill pod.

We love recommending this device as it is the perfect low-powered device for beginners as well as those who don’t want any further fuss with their device, such as coils and/or buttons.

Final Notes On What is the Best Wattage for a CBD Vape Device?

In this guide, we’ve dissected the complexities of vaping, highlighting the optimal wattage for CBD vaping, the influence of wattage on vapour production, flavour, throat hit, and battery longevity.

Understanding these elements will aid you in customising your vaping experience, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey, whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting your exploration.

If you would like to try CBD oil and see if it can help you live a healthier life, please take a look at our shop.

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